Google Wave

What I learnt from the Google Wave looooooooooong video…

Google Wave: The next gen E-mail

Wave gives us an peek of how e-mail will look like if it had been invented now. instead of individual message sent to each other, wave has a single object which can be shared with each other.User can open a wave read, edit and reply to it. You have privacy settings too.

when you first start wave you will simply forget that you are in a browser viewing a page. A very cool User Interface.

Anyone can start a new ‘wave’ and type in it, with an inbuilt spell checker. Once you create the wave it appears on the screen with the person you are sharing it. the person can reply right inside the wave so no need of that messy reply messages. Also whats more cooler is as the person types and if you are online you can see the message typed letter by letter from the other person. this helps you to spend all the time either reading or writing that speeds up your conversation. Also there is a check box right below to hide the live type. Even you can reply at the middle of the message.

To share the wave with more users all you have to do is drag and drop a person from your contacts list. Then they too get to send replies and if they happen to be online all of them can just edit, read and reply at the same time, you can change the privacy settings too if you dont want your wave to be edited. Replies can also be made private to a particular users.

You may be thinking after lots of edits and replies the wave will get somewhat unorganised to look at however there is a timeline so that you can view the original message and then play it so that you can just see how the replies came in by. this is helpful esp for new users you have shared your wave with.

Sharing Images is lot easier, just drag and drop your images in your browser thats it. you can add images to a wave itself, and all those with whom you have shared the images can edit the captions simultaneously, all changes visible letter by letter at same time.

With API you can do lot of things. For eg. share your wave with a blog so that the blog gets updated as you update your wave. If some one replies to a blog you get the same reply in Google Wave and also if some one replies in Google wave it appears in the blog replies. You can create a wave in orkut itself using embedded API.

With online language conversion you just type in letter by letter and it will get converted to any language you select. Suppose a user understands french you type in english, it will get converted to french, when the user types in french you will get it converted in English.