Life @ Infy, Mysore… “The place to be…”

The place where someone called out u saying “sir please walk on footpath” instead of someone yelling at you “sale footaptha kya show ke liye banaya hai..”  😀

The place where every guy rode a ladybird though he never dared test his sisters bicycle when she bought it for the first time.

The place where the alarms woke me up  instead of Mom shaking and pushing me to get up.

The place where you always had a shoulder to cry when you were sad and a hand to high five when you were happy.

The place where watching movies late night was no issue even if that meant getting up early next morning.

The place where the gates told you “you are entering a disciplined place, act one even if you are not one”.

The place where you could return the next day and no one would ask you where had you been.

The place where you were paid to study and you studied so ruthlessly like never before even though your parents paid for your fees and you never bothered to study throughout your life .

The place which gave you your first salary and you had no clue what to do with it but wanted to do everything with it.

The place where every weekend meant a party or an outing.

The place where Friday nights meant going to a laundry to get your clothes washed though you had no clue how much Surf for 10 clothes.

The place where you remembered moms food 24*7The place where you missed dad yelling at the slightest mistake.

The place where you couldn’t find peace without your brother though you always were at war with him.

The place where you realized you loved someone more than the hottest girl in the campus.

The place where you made friends for a life though people always said friends at work don’t last long

The place where you saw a life you never imagined..

The place where time management skills were developed without your knowledge.

You learnt to toggle between swimming ,study ,GYM and home and always had enough time to do them all.

The place where projects meant team work and you really had to work.

The place where people didn’t bother who you were and still entire hostel erupts in claps when they heard someone play a guitar or sing a song.

The place where all of them had same room keys and all that mattered where room numbers.

You were never far away from the farthest person you knew on the campus.

The place where You meet at a place called “gazzebo” and ask an unknown person for a smoke and then you realize you made a big gang out there.

The place where you never felt odd to stand in a queue for 3 long hours to get a movie ticket with all your friends in the queue whereas back home you always asked friends to do advance booking for entire group.

The place where you learnt 10 different ways to cook Maggie in a kettle  which was ‘par boiled’, ’unboiled’, ’half boiled’ but never properly boiled whereas you only knew a single recipe back home and shouted at Mom for overcooking or undercooking ‘Maggie’

The place where you realized why mom always made a checklist while going to a supermarket because you always purchased 9 unwanted items from the 10 items you just brought from ‘loyal world.’

The place where bread, jam or bread, butter or bread, cheese always had kurkure as toppings .

The place where you realized you must be having more APPY and MIRINDA in your veins as supposed to blood.

The place where you had at least 10 autowallahs number saved to your cell phone and call them up regularly though you never knew a single autowallahs name back in your home town.

The place where you spent talking to mom for hours though you rarely talked to her that long daily back home.

The place where you called up friends daily just to tell them how much you miss them.

The place where you realized the magic of words and power of blogs.

The place which showed you the best of life and then one day say “you are on your own. Now go to face the real world.”

Missing Lyf @ Mysore…