Last Day Mail at Infosys

Dear All,

It’s been 2.9 years since I joined Infosys at Mysore on 7th Dec 2009. The day I joined, new faces all around really made me a bit nervous. The first step in the campus felt like stepping into a completely different country. The first view of all those fancy building especially the Oasis felt like we could stay here for another year. The keys to the hostel rooms which were more like hotel rooms. It all made me feel like I was on top of the world.

On top of that friends like Saumil, Saurav who used to sit next to me in training,  Pragnesh a.k.a. Mr. Bill Gates, Rajen and the entire Gujjugroup along with the Bengali ones were simply an icing on the cake. You all made my life at Mysore more amazing. Missed every single day of it ever since I left Mysore. Playing Dumb-Charades in the movie queue was one of the unforgettable experiences.  Most imp I got a crash course in Gujrati which ensures that at least I understand it now.

Santosh, all your irritating questions actually helped me in learning more. 🙂

I will like to thank Rupesh, Pritam, Neeraj, Renuka for making me feel at home even though I was at Mysore.

I got to learn something from the Kerala culture, thanks to Paul and Tina. I would really like to visit you once.

Ismail-the Microsoft genius, had a really great time discussing technology with you

In fact I would like to thank to each and every one this email is delivered to for spending some of their precious moments in life with me.

One of the memories I will be carrying back is that of Rural Reach Program(RRP) conducted by the Spark team. Reaching out to school students in rural areas and imparting some knowledge of computers was an out of the world experience. Hats off to Ganesh and Nilesh of the E&R team for their hard work to make it a big success.

If someone asks me how am I feeling now, well I had one while submitting my Mysore hostel keys  back to the reception. I have the same feeling it cannot be put to words. The day I graduated from Infosys Academy (yea I love to call it that) my ID won a black tag, today I will be leaving all that behind, carrying only memories back.

On another note my reason for leaving, is that my love for technology grew every day I spent in Pune. Finally, now I have decided to switch to Embedded Systems(core Electronics).

You have a lot of ways to contact me:




WordPress Blog:

[ I check them all regularly 🙂 ]

Wish you all a bright and happy future. The Earth is round, we will definitely meet sometime again.

With best wishes,




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