About Me

Writing this post is a bit difficult as I think that it is very difficult to express any person in mere words. There are lots of things and feelings a person has went through in his lifetime to write it in here. The same applies to me. Anyways I will try my best in here.


I simply love adventures and long bike rides with friends. I adored photography with my Nokia N73. I love to spend time alone in quiet places, maybe that’s why the city life never suits me. Also making new friends, some sports help me keep going. I read novels, but rarely.

Technology :

Since Electronics is in my DNA, I am very much attached to technology. I simply love smart-phones and I always keep myself updated with it. I also believe that the electronic gadgets a person possesses define a part of him. If you are one of such type; I currently have Nokia E71, Apple iPod Touch 4th Generation and HP DV5-1135ee laptop.

Regarding the big question of which operating system is best for mobile phones(If you haven’t heard about Android, Windows Phone 7 or iOS I guess u may be living under a rock for past 5 years :P). My heart will always go out to the beautiful, systematic, clean and smooth iOS. I am not a fan of Apple but I like the way their every device which is almost close to perfection.

PC Gaming:

PC games, I started to play right from age 8. The first game I played was Dave. The credit goes to my school which gave PC education to students from 3rd standard. At the age of 12 I got a PC in my home and started off with Street Fighter. Till date my favorites are F22- Air Dominance Fighter, Age of Empires 2,3, Need for Speed Underground, Most Wanted, Prince of Persia Warrior Within and Assassins Creed. Currently I am enjoying Modern Warfare 3 Multiplayer. The new Most Wanted gives me very low fps on my lappy.

Music and Movies:

Romantic Comedies are my favorites. I listen to soft rock and pop music. If I find some good movie then I don’t mind wasting 3 hours for the film from my life.


National Geographic and Discovery along with some travel channels.


What would be life without friends. Throughout my life I have got some really cool guys to hang out with. Thanks a ton guys.


In school we were hardly provided with any optional subjects. All the social Sciences, History and Mathematics along with the Indian Languages ensured that I got the least marks in my school. Still I enjoyed General Science when in there.

When I got into junior college it was a different stage. Luckily I got admitted to Computer Science branch which had two subjects in Computers. And that was when my true interest in the subjects was revealed. And I still love to boast about the 197/200 I got in those subjects in the board exam.

As I was interested in the hardware, I got into Electronics Engineering. I had expected to get an complete idea of practical Electronics when I graduate. But obviously it didn’t work out. The syllabus was out-dated and focus was on the theory than practicals. Seemed like they were trying to make us scientists.

I joined Infosys, got trained in .NET for 6 months and thereafter worked in Oracle Apps for almost 2 years.

I decided to return to my true interest Electronics along with programming. What would be better than Embedded Systems.So I joined CDAC to get a P.G. Diploma in Embedded Systems and then got placed in Johnson Controls. Now I work here in Automotive Electronics domain.


Its impossible to know the truth without challenging it.
Turn the fear of unknown into curiosity, Live Curious.
You can’t buy happiness but you can buy an ice-cream which is almost the same.

Turn Offs:

Cricket, Serials (Only these for now) 🙂

Thanks for dropping by. I will be happy to hear from you in the comments section.


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