iPhone 5

ImageApple is known for its innovation and ideas no one can think about. That’s the reason everytime there is an Apple event both Apple lovers and Apple haters are glued to the internet to see what it has got this time. But recently there hasn’t been much innovation like the previous events. This has disappointed many.

Considering the current position of Apple it has the best hardware and the most stable software among the competitors. This has put it in a rather dilemma. Coming with a completely new thing will really be a great risk in a current cut-throat competition. On the other end if it keeps adding some features, people will still buy it due to the trust and eco-system they are aware of.

So those are waiting for iPhone 6 or 7 or further, it will be the same thing. If you expect there will be some more innovation get ready to be disappointed. The major changes that can be implemented are reduction in size, weight and increase in performance. The iOS User Interface is here to stay a long time.

Another reason why i think Apple will not take risk is absence of Steve Jobs. He was the only person to put everything at risk and come out with something new.

If you ask me do I buy iPhone my response will be, “Go for it if you are ok with the restricted eco-system of Apple, such as no bluetooth file sharing, no file system explorer etc, you will never be disappointed with your decision”

The beauty of iPhone is that it attracts advanced users too. For many those who are surprised, search for “cydia”. Once you Jailbreak your iPhone/iPad/iPod the customization options are limitless. All the advanced stuff you can imagine become possible and the same I have been doing for the past year with my iPod.

PS. I have not used Android much so not commented on it!