Last Day Mail at Infosys

Dear All,

It’s been 2.9 years since I joined Infosys at Mysore on 7th Dec 2009. The day I joined, new faces all around really made me a bit nervous. The first step in the campus felt like stepping into a completely different country. The first view of all those fancy building especially the Oasis felt like we could stay here for another year. The keys to the hostel rooms which were more like hotel rooms. It all made me feel like I was on top of the world.

On top of that friends like Saumil, Saurav who used to sit next to me in training,  Pragnesh a.k.a. Mr. Bill Gates, Rajen and the entire Gujjugroup along with the Bengali ones were simply an icing on the cake. You all made my life at Mysore more amazing. Missed every single day of it ever since I left Mysore. Playing Dumb-Charades in the movie queue was one of the unforgettable experiences.  Most imp I got a crash course in Gujrati which ensures that at least I understand it now.

Santosh, all your irritating questions actually helped me in learning more. 🙂

I will like to thank Rupesh, Pritam, Neeraj, Renuka for making me feel at home even though I was at Mysore.

I got to learn something from the Kerala culture, thanks to Paul and Tina. I would really like to visit you once.

Ismail-the Microsoft genius, had a really great time discussing technology with you

In fact I would like to thank to each and every one this email is delivered to for spending some of their precious moments in life with me.

One of the memories I will be carrying back is that of Rural Reach Program(RRP) conducted by the Spark team. Reaching out to school students in rural areas and imparting some knowledge of computers was an out of the world experience. Hats off to Ganesh and Nilesh of the E&R team for their hard work to make it a big success.

If someone asks me how am I feeling now, well I had one while submitting my Mysore hostel keys  back to the reception. I have the same feeling it cannot be put to words. The day I graduated from Infosys Academy (yea I love to call it that) my ID won a black tag, today I will be leaving all that behind, carrying only memories back.

On another note my reason for leaving, is that my love for technology grew every day I spent in Pune. Finally, now I have decided to switch to Embedded Systems(core Electronics).

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[ I check them all regularly 🙂 ]

Wish you all a bright and happy future. The Earth is round, we will definitely meet sometime again.

With best wishes,




Not just another day at work

1st October 2011

I got up early in the morning at 0400 Hrs and I knew that today was going to be special. So with great enthusiasm I tied the lace of my Adidas shoes and grabbed my iPod (Loyal Companions) and left out. The combination of these was supposed to keep me going for the day. It was still dark. I had to walk a nice 2.5 Km to catch the bus which was supposed to come at 0540 Hrs. Unsurprisingly the bus was late which came at around 0600 Hrs.

So then the journey started, picking up others on the route. Soon the morning sun came out and there was some light. Slowly the bus left out the city with the buildings initially becoming scarce and then only smaller ones were seen with the green fields increasing on the other hand. The bus was taking me to a route (NH4) which I have like travelled for past one and a half year more than fifty times, but had never travelled it during daytime. I was travelling a long distance during daytime after years. We had breakfast in the bus itself, and then made a short stop for tea. we travelled on NH4 till 1100 and then took a left(instead of my usual right to village). We were in Karad. Our destination was Vita some 40 Kms from here. On the way I found a signboard to Bijapur. It said 100 km. This was the place where I spent some of my early childhood days.

So we reached Vita, got the message that the second bus was broken down, so instead of two volunteers in a class it would be one. It didn’t actually matter to me much. Having taken such sessions for three classes previously, I was pretty much confident this time. The only anxiety was about which class I would be getting. I always prefer higher classes, since they understand bit easily and pay more attention. This time a  Engineering College was chosen, where students from nearby school would be attending it. We were as always welcomed like celebrities in the college. Each one of us was given a rose by an engineering student.

As I entered the class, there was a pindrop silence. Well I expected atleast a Good Morning Sir or something like that. Anyways, I kept my bag and Rose on the chair. I took a nervous look at the class, took a deep breath and started. Immediately I noticed that the class consisted only of girls. No doubt there was so much of silence. The uniform they wore was red Salwar Kameez. Unlike my other rural visits these students were looking much well-mannered and well-dressed.

I started with my brief introduction and the sponsors intro(Infosys). I had to speak in Marathi. There are some advantages in taking such sessions in Marathi. The students are less frightened of us and it helps to reduce the barrier between the teacher and the student very quickly. I decided to start with some ice-breaker questions. As to what is Computer etc. No one answered anything. Given a class of girls and an unknown person(ME) asking questions, that was expected. I went on ahead explaining about computers. An electronic device used to do mathematical calculations accurately and quickly. Followed were some examples of bank, library, shops etc. I explained them exactly how using computers in such fields is not only time saving but also efficient. I explained the parts of computers viz. Input and Output devices. Now I asked questions and the students answered. I started to feel much more confident.

The task here was not to give bookish definitions to the students, but to make them understand and tell them exactly how much fun it is to understand and use computers. I then started to explain the idea of Internet. And as I explained it I could see the anxiety in the eyes of the students. Mostly they were thinking like “Whoa, A thing like this also exists.” I asked them if they have heard anything like or or and the answer was no. So it was another task to explain them this.

Whenver I ask a student to answer my question, I ask him/her to say his name aloud to the class. This is a great morale booster. As the students started answering, I noticed those were the ones who came out of their comfort zones and started asking me questions. In short MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!! I answered some queries of the stuedents. Even though it was late for lunch break they were still listning with patience.

The lunch was great. Actually the arrangement was pretty good too. So after lunch, we were supposed to give students the hands on session. The agenda was Microsoft Word, Excel, Paint etc. Its really bad to see the expression of the students who dont get a chance to do a hands on session. So I have requested the organizing committee that next time we have two PC in a class instead of one. When you see students asking for a chance you can’t deny them too.

At the end of the day, the feedback from the students goes as follows.. Almost 40+ Thank You, 30+ You teach really well, 10+ Do come to our school once. I was almost at tears with the last statement. Such a day never I will forget. Nor the faces of the students.

Sorry for the late posting.

Infosys, Mysore (Pictures)

This is in continuation to my earlier blog about the Infosys, Mysore campus:

A picture is worth a thousand words, so attaching some photos:


Infosys Mysore – A City in Itself

I was the one of the lucky person who got selected in Infosys in the third year when I was studying electronics engineering. My journey in Infosys began in Mysore as that was my joining location.

I decided to join infy for many reasons major of them being Exposure to industry, a great opportunity, more compensation etc.

Hostel Room:

I like any other trainee, had my own room with a 26″ LCD TV, an attached bathroom, extra comfortable bed, single sofa, studying table with table lamp, water boiler and an awesome view of the campus. All this plus a person who comes to clean the room daily replenishing the coffee, tea sachets was for Rs. 3250 per month. There was a telephone which could be used to call any other person in the hostel. Only when I moved away from Mysore I realized that local calls were also possible. In short it was just like staying in a 3 star hotel.

Employee Care Centre (ECC):

We had an ECC building which was house to a supermarket, Swimming Pool, Laundromat, World-class Gym and indoor games viz. Table-Tennis, Badminton, Bowling Alley, Squash and Pool etc. In outdoor sports we had two Basketball Courts, eight lawn-tennis courts, an football ground with track and field events and an Cricket Ground.

Global Education Centre (GEC):

Two Global Education Centers or GEC as is popularly called in the campus. GEC1 has a capacity of approx. 5000 and GEC2 an amazing 10000 and each trainee has a PC assigned to him. GEC2 houses a food-court too. The GEC2 is said to be the largest building in India after the parliament. Every trainee’s bag is checked at the entrance in GEC as food stuff and all electronic devices except the Cell Phone is not allowed. This rule is kind of creepy coz a Cell Phone now-a-days is able to do most of the things what other electronic devices can. Also I don’t get the reason why food stuff was banned. But as human beings show interest in doing things what they are asked not to do, the dustbin in our class ended up with all the chocolate wrappers.


The multiplex had in all four screens, one of which was used to show movies. All trainees had mandatory registration to the Multiplex card. With Rs. 150 cut in the month, every trainee had the permission to attend all the shows. The movies were shown in weekends only. Generally one English and one Hindi movie was the trend. Even though the ticket was free, for a good film we had to queue approx a couple of hours ago to get the tkts. But standing with the group was a fun in itself. We used to play some games while in the queue and most of the times those got more interesting than the movie itself.

Food Courts (FCs):

We had six food courts at that time, now the number has increased. The food was not that interesting, but was eatable. Sometimes we had some good food too. I especially like the Chicken-Dum-Biryani and Noodles of FC1.

Software Development Blocks (SDBs):

This is where every trainee ended up after training. There were a few SDBs in Mysore campus as the main motive still remains as education centre. I never went inside these SDBs but wondered about people going inside. Now I am one of them, only that I am in Pune.


Each GEC1 and GEC2 houses a library. I personally like the library of GEC2 – It looks like made of wood and the design is simply marvellous. The number of books that these libraries hold is also huge.


I hated the fact that there were more lady-bird cycles than the Hercules ones. But there were a lot of those. They were used to commute inside the campus and anyone in the campus could use one of this. Riding a cycle at night in the campus is an experience in itself.

Trees-Greenery and Greenery:

No matter wherever you are in the campus you will find grass, tress everywhere. Although we were not allowed to walk on the grass, it made our stay in Mysore more joyful and energetic.

All of the above mentioned maintained in top-notch quality. As per the cleanliness goes I haven’t found a place cleaner than the Mysore campus anywhere in India yet.

And as one of out visiting trainer rightly said – “Infosys, Mysore campus is a city in Itself”

PS.: To be writing about Mysore, I can go pages and pages but just decided to put a brief summary of all the things in there. Any corrections are welcome, as it’s been 1.5 years now I have been away from Mysore.

Life @ Infy, Mysore… “The place to be…”

The place where someone called out u saying “sir please walk on footpath” instead of someone yelling at you “sale footaptha kya show ke liye banaya hai..”  😀

The place where every guy rode a ladybird though he never dared test his sisters bicycle when she bought it for the first time.

The place where the alarms woke me up  instead of Mom shaking and pushing me to get up.

The place where you always had a shoulder to cry when you were sad and a hand to high five when you were happy.

The place where watching movies late night was no issue even if that meant getting up early next morning.

The place where the gates told you “you are entering a disciplined place, act one even if you are not one”.

The place where you could return the next day and no one would ask you where had you been.

The place where you were paid to study and you studied so ruthlessly like never before even though your parents paid for your fees and you never bothered to study throughout your life .

The place which gave you your first salary and you had no clue what to do with it but wanted to do everything with it.

The place where every weekend meant a party or an outing.

The place where Friday nights meant going to a laundry to get your clothes washed though you had no clue how much Surf for 10 clothes.

The place where you remembered moms food 24*7The place where you missed dad yelling at the slightest mistake.

The place where you couldn’t find peace without your brother though you always were at war with him.

The place where you realized you loved someone more than the hottest girl in the campus.

The place where you made friends for a life though people always said friends at work don’t last long

The place where you saw a life you never imagined..

The place where time management skills were developed without your knowledge.

You learnt to toggle between swimming ,study ,GYM and home and always had enough time to do them all.

The place where projects meant team work and you really had to work.

The place where people didn’t bother who you were and still entire hostel erupts in claps when they heard someone play a guitar or sing a song.

The place where all of them had same room keys and all that mattered where room numbers.

You were never far away from the farthest person you knew on the campus.

The place where You meet at a place called “gazzebo” and ask an unknown person for a smoke and then you realize you made a big gang out there.

The place where you never felt odd to stand in a queue for 3 long hours to get a movie ticket with all your friends in the queue whereas back home you always asked friends to do advance booking for entire group.

The place where you learnt 10 different ways to cook Maggie in a kettle  which was ‘par boiled’, ’unboiled’, ’half boiled’ but never properly boiled whereas you only knew a single recipe back home and shouted at Mom for overcooking or undercooking ‘Maggie’

The place where you realized why mom always made a checklist while going to a supermarket because you always purchased 9 unwanted items from the 10 items you just brought from ‘loyal world.’

The place where bread, jam or bread, butter or bread, cheese always had kurkure as toppings .

The place where you realized you must be having more APPY and MIRINDA in your veins as supposed to blood.

The place where you had at least 10 autowallahs number saved to your cell phone and call them up regularly though you never knew a single autowallahs name back in your home town.

The place where you spent talking to mom for hours though you rarely talked to her that long daily back home.

The place where you called up friends daily just to tell them how much you miss them.

The place where you realized the magic of words and power of blogs.

The place which showed you the best of life and then one day say “you are on your own. Now go to face the real world.”

Missing Lyf @ Mysore…