Orkut, Facebook and Now Twitter…

It’s been two years I have opened a twitter account. But seriously I had joined to keep myself updated about MTV India.

At that time I had just completed my BE degree in electronics engineering and had a lot of spare time. Instead of watching the stupid serials on star plus, Sony tv etc I had only this option left.

I found myself comfortable first using orkut. That was my first social network account where I took my updates seriously. I had an account on Facebook too but at that time it was so complicated and very few of my friends existed there so naturally I had tok stick to Orkut. But then suddenly things changed. Just as if they were selling gold on Facebook people started flocking to it. And then just as it happens in any social network world, you do not decide which service to join or not, it’s what your network decides.

One of my friend was still stuck to orkut when he knew all his friends too were now on Facebook. Soon he realized his mistake and did what others did, joined Facebook.

The major difference in Facebook were the variety of useless applications which people found interesting. So no matter how good orkut was getting, it didn’t stop my friends to get to Facebook. So the previous scene everything about scraps now it was about the wall. One amazing fact is that the number of actual farmers is smaller than the number of people playing FarmVille(An online game on Facebook where people look after their virtual farms).

Twitter was totally out of picture till now. It was when I saw that most of big personalities/companies were on twitter I got interested in it. And I guessed that this will be the future.

Twitter is not a social network site as most people think rather it’s an micro blogging site. I had to literally watch a short tutorial on how to use twitter. The interface at that time was so minimal, RT hastags etc seemed like keywords then. It’s now that the interface is improved and twitter itself gives you an link for retweeting, replying etc.

Getting on to twitter I didn’t feel comfortable at first. According to me, at that time; it was just another social network with everything stripped off except the status updates. But things changed drastically over last some time especially when I got an iPod touch. And finally over the long run its the simplest interface which wins. The app for iPod touch for twitter made more sense to use twitter here instead of the more complicated Facebook. And finally it’s the updates which finally matter to you of any person.

Another thing what I like about twitter is it’s 140 character limit. I don’t understand why people have to put in very long status updates and most of such are left unread by a person like me.

The only problem in moving here is again the same, very few people have joined twitter and most importantly only half of them are active. But still now I prefer twitter and slowly and steadily I am decreasing my presence on Facebook. The only reason that I am still on Facebook is that some of my best friends are still there and from what seems is that they are not going to join twitter soon.

What do you think, who will end up having the largest traffic… Facebook, Orkut, Twitter or the newly launched Google plus… you are free to share ur view in the comments section.