Another visit to school (As a Teacher)

This is the second time I have entered in an remote school as a teacher. All thanks to Infosys for their immense support and initiative. Under the Rural Reach Program(RRP) of Spark, it identifies remote schools with no access to computers. The Computer department do the work of setting up computers in each class before the event. Our(Volunteer) job is to give the basic idea of computers to the kids.

Advantage to the kids:

The kids who have almost no idea about computers, get to see and operate the computers in front of IT professionals. We give some really good examples in which they are indirectly using computers. They get a platform to raise their curious questions such as how are cartoons made, what is hacking 🙂 etc. etc. They have heard the terms but never got a good knowledge about it. Above all, this helps in shaping their future. They can think about this career right from the start. The Spark is ignited.
Another advantages include free food for the day, day off from hectic studies and rather a fun and great atmosphere to learn.

Advantage to us:

Right when we step foot in the school, we are being looked at us like stars. Most of the normal days are spent by an IT professional sitting in his cubicle. Visits like this refresh you up. For us it is very simple to introduce computers to the kids and at the same time take some difficult questions from the them. When you step in the class, it reminds you of your school days. Maybe you will find a smaller version of yourself in there. Our school days may never come back, but we can re-live those in moments like these. You realize how the teachers have to work hard to impart the knowledge upon you, without which we wouldn’t had been here.


There are many moments which really warm your heart up. Mostly, the assembly before and then after school. Even though the kids are so mischievous( I won’t blame them for this 🙂 ) and full of energy, the discipline they show during this time is simply amazing. And I really can’t put it in words how it feels to be there at that particular moment.

Message to all my friends:

India, as a country will improve only when we take some small steps in our life. Kids are the future of our country and in order to achieve the “Vision 2020” by Abdul Kalam we should all work towards it. Even if get any slightest chance of doing such great deeds; never hesitate and at the end of the day you will surely have the feeling that “You have done something to make India better”

What do we need to do further:

Its time for the Indian Government to come out of their comfort circle and give more priority to education than sports. I don’t say remove sports but it should be secondary. The primary aim should be education. If we can spend 100 Crores on a cricket match(where only 20 people get the money); just imagine how much just 1 Crore worth of amount will do to develop the infrastructure in schools.

The only reason I am against excessive government spending on foolish things like these is that I don’t like the phrase “80% of the wealth is with 20% of the people”

The choice is up to us “If we want a handful people to enjoy or the whole of country to move ahead”

So go ahead and create a difference.


Infosys, Mysore (Pictures)

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A picture is worth a thousand words, so attaching some photos: